Sunday, October 14, 2007

One of the worries

Despite a troublefree offseason the main worry ahead of our meaningless exhibition against the LA Clippers is that we might actually replicate what they did last season. After taking the Fast breaking Phoenix Suns to a 7 game series the Clippers they suddenly slipped and lost out on the 8th spot the last day of the season. So in other words after becoming the best team in LA in a ultra competitive Western conference and taking aboard all the Bandwagoners eventually they slipped. There may no comparrassion for Coaching,fans and style of Hoops but the worry is still there

"Those who cannot remember the suck are doomed to repeat it". Goes the famous quote from Hoops history.


Perdictions: Azbuike has another strong 20 point game *doesn't matter*

Patrick O bryant gets a double double

Oh and we win

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