Sunday, October 14, 2007

It begins

This is my first blog entry

I'm Kyle a Warriors fan living in Galway. Not the most logical combination I know but I have relatives living in the Bay Area and this applies to why I support the 49ers as well.

So strap yourselves in

I supposse given it's October and the fact the Season is just over a few weeks away it might make sense to focus on the offseason and how it's gone.

So here we go

I'm sure there were virtually no fans who weren't happy about coach Don Nelsons return. Like it or not when you look at the coaching history of this team during the playoff drought it doesn't make pretty reading. PJ Carlesimo, Brian Winters, and Mike Montgomery will always sadly be remembered for their ineptness rather then their coaching ability. When Nelson came in there was still a section virtually unhappy with the way he collided with Chris Webber but this disappeared as the Warriors made an unexpected playoff appearance and upset over the Dallas Mavericks.What worries most fans is our obvious lack of transition Defense as indicated in games such as 140-129 or 135-126 the later being a win. The needs for a Rebounder crash the boards type of player was addressed in Austin Croshere and the loss of Sauranas our backup Guard was replaced by Troy hudson but from the early preseason games it's obvious none of these players are ready to make an impact just yet.

Jason Richardson a real Warrior favourite was traded for Brandon wright and there is a real possibility he might not even play this year. This was the 1st major move of the 2007 Draft and whilst you take the best players you need it could be argued trading an expereinced NBA veteran and fan favourite for a Rookie who averaged 14 and 8 in his senior year at North Carolina wasn't a good move. Seeing Adonal Foyle leave as well won't have many tears flowing on the contrary

The next move the Warriors addressed was at SG. After losing J-Rich the Front Office had to make a move and they went after Marco Bellinelli from Italy. Marco's quickness and his Shooting ability made him a great draft prospect but little is still really known about him

In the 2nd round a Shotblocker was wanted. Stephene Lasme a huge physical speciman from U-Mass was acquired and having averaged 5 a game in his senior year and dominating the boards it's still unlikely he will make an impact.

So going by how our Offseason has gone our Roster will look something like this

12 Man rotation

PG Baron Davis - Monta Ellis - Troy Hudson
SG Kelenna Azubuike - Marco Belinelli
SF Stephen Jackson - Matt Barnes - Mickael Pietrus
PF Al Harrington - Austin Croshere
C Andris Biedrins - Patrick O'Bryant

Stephane Lasme
Brandan Wright
Kosta Perovic

Won't make team
Tierre Brown
Carlos Powell
Pat Burke

We should be better at our uptempo style now that Jackson and Harrington have completed Training Camp even though teams will probably adjust to our playing style. We probavly will finish between 40-45 wins and get 7-9th place in the West. A streaky team they undoubtedly are.

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