Monday, October 15, 2007

Clippers 99: Warriors 89:

By the time you've read this you'll know the Warriors played their home opner last night againt the LA Clippers.

Prseason despite the meaningless games still is interesting because you get to see how the battles for starting positions are going and how the people brought in for training Camp are doing. In the Warriors case none of them look close to making the team especially Pat Burke but these games give them a chance to see what there capable off.

So with that in mind here's my roundup

: We began by going by our usual trend of allowing no namers to get career averages . Ruben Patterson got 19 and 11 and Rookie Al Thornton who is replacing Elton Brands season ending injury got 19 points in the 2nd quarter. Granted they both look good but still...

: Turnovers were a killer and we averaged 23 compared to 19 assists. shooting was also a big problem we shot 32% percent from the field 20.0% from the 3pt line. Fouling also was a concern with POB picking up 5 in 8 minutes. The dubs also proved how soft they were in the paint don't mention the Rebounding disaparities.

: Pat Burke got way too much playing time. It's impossible to see any attributes he holds he's lazy on Defense and had an awful box score. Why brandon Wright didn't get more playing time is anyones guess

: Even though he didnt' impress in his first two preseason games I thought Ausitn Croshere played well. He rebounds and hits his shots and he's especially good at driving to the Basketand pasisng it out. A hustler

: Once again POB is playing hard shoen by his foul total but he did get 4 points 5 Rebounds and a block in 7 minutes.

: Baron Davis dominated getting to the rim and finishing any time although he pulled up for bad 3's as well.

Overall lets hope we show some small improvments before our next exhibition game against Kaunas

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