Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our opening game Starting Lineup

Not prone to any type of news during Training Camp Nelson basically announced his starting team for the Opening game against the Utah Jazz on October 30th. No S-Jax means the lineup will be like this.

PG: Baron Davis | SG: Monta Ellis | SF: Kelenna Azubuike.
PF: Mickael Pietrus | C: Andris Biedrins

Before I lay into some of the decisions I have to command Azubuike for winning the Starter spot at SG. Major congrats to our British SG

But some of the decisions here are puzzling. Allowing Monta Ellis to start at SG means there's no size in the Backcourt something Utah will easily take advantage, Putting Pietrus at PF ahead of Barnes or Harrington is weird. Harrington gives us something we need on the boards and essentially Nelson is playing with 4 guards in the lineup?. I would assume O Bryant comes in at some stage to show what he's capable. In other words expect a lot of rebounds from boozer and Okur as Pietrus won't be able to keep them off the glass.

I supposse one good thing we can take from this is between now and ooening night knowing Don Nelson lineups are never permanent . Which in this case is a good thing

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