Monday, October 22, 2007

Overated team according to Detroit

In one of the latest offers according to a Detroit Pistons website a list of the most overated players are listed. Surprise surprise according to them Monta Ellis is. Not going to dispute this as such as from a previous article I listed the facts that I don't quite think he's quite the next Gilbert Arenas and that he probably won't reach the hype many warrior fans created for him. Depending on how he plays in the regular season he could be a broaderline all star but I don't see him developing into anything else. But anyway moving on Monta this article does have some humerous choices including their outake on Jason Kidd

What really elevates his game is his rebounding, without which he would not be enough of a threat to log stellar assist totals, or even stay in the NBA. Triple-doubles are great, but there is a reason why a Nets team anchored by this trio of alleged stars only wins about 45 games per year. Kidd is fine, but he is only a top-tier PG in fantasy.

No way jose is this guy overrated

This would seem to be misinfomed at best as right now Kidd is arguably in the top 3 of best NBA PG's at the moment and has somehow managed to take a Nets team with a horrendous Front Court all the way to an Eastern Conference Semi Final. It's worth remembering that when Kidd joined the Nets around 2002 he took a team that had lost 27 games to winning 52 games the year after. Granted he's not a Shooter but surely this type of turnaround should be considered by these fans. Ten postseason career triple doubles and his continuous Defense on top tier NBA PG's mean they don't often have career days. Using off court troubles to boost their point is not relative as well because if we went by this logic Kobe Bryant would be overated.

Marucs Camby
Defensive player of the year? Camby is a good rebounder and shot-blocker, but Denver allowed 104 ppg last season, and Camby’s defensive numbers don’t rate that well. Camby is a very solid player, and will probably deliver double digit rebounds in perpetuity, but one gets the impression that sportswriters are still anticipating a breakout year from the 33 year old

This from a logic point is laughable. Camby was number one along players blocked last season with 3.3 per game and 11 Rebounds per game. Allowing a 104 PPG given up stat and including it in the fact Marcus camby is overated category doesn't make sense either as your basically blaming him for this stat.

Camby doing what he always does

Michael Redd

"Michael Redd is a solid shooter. Thanks to his popularity amongst a couple of influential columnists, Redd is somehow elevated to the status of unheralded superstar. He’s good, but I would expect a superstar to lead a solid supporting cast to 40-42 wins in the Eastern Conference at minimum. He’ll put the ball in the basket all day and all night, but lacks the multi-faceted game to be a real threat"

Calling Redd overated and expecting to lead the Bucks to 40 wins when he only played in 52 of the Bucks 82 games. Once again nonsense.

Deron Williams

Deron is a top-10 point guard, but the assumption seems to be that he will emerge as a superstar this year. At 23, there is room for modest improvement, but he is no sure thing for stardom, and I would take Chris Paul in a heartbeat. I defy you to explain how his career trajectory is substantially different from, say, Andre Miller.

Doesn't struggle like the author says he does he does nearly average 20 points a game after all and 10 assists. Has a lot of growth in his game and could be soon better then Chris Paul. Warrior fans saw him as his true best in our playoff series

The daniel Gibson inclusion is weird as well. At no other stage during the regular season did Gibson prove he was either underated or overated until Cleveland got to the playoff stages against Detroit. It felt as if this detroit fan was bitter. The rest of the article was fine you'll be pleased to know

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