Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zalgris Kaunas

Not a lot is known about tonights opponenets except that they hail from Lithunia and are owned by former NBA Center Arvydas Sabonis. They've won 14 League Titles and since the game is coming off last night I would expect Pat Burke and Tirre Brown to get some major playing time.

Update Warriors win 108-87. The notes I took from the boxscore were

Al Harrington got 10 Rebounds something he was incapable off last year. He's well in shape.

Bellinelli got 19 points depiste shooting 7-17. The hype of the Summer League appears to have gone.

Jackson got 20 points in 20 minutes of playing time.

Baron Davis almost had a triple double in 20 minutes of playing time which believe it or not during the he would have struggled to get.

Kosta Perovic was a non factor not really justifying and going by his Rebounding stats it's obvious why a 7'2 Center could be a Second round pick. Agressivness appears to be a major thing he lacks.

And now the box score


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