Saturday, October 20, 2007

2007-2008 NBA Blog Atlantic Division Preview

With a new season just days away it's good to see fellow Bloggers get in on the act with a team by team analysis thanks to Celtics blog. as you would expect this being the Celtics blog the Atlantic division which mny have referred to as the titanic division has been previewed. However these bloggers beg to differ

Celtics 17
Reds Army
Celtics 24\7
Green Bandwagon

Hooplah nation
Nets Daily

Straight Bangin
Posting and Toasting


Passion and Pride

Hoops addict

The way I see the division.

1. Boston- It's there's to lose it really is
2. Toronto Raptors- One of the young teams in the NBA are my surprise tip in the East.
3. New Jersey Nets- Leagues best backcourt duel in Jason Kidd and Vince Carter
4. New York Knicks- After getting Zack Randolph to combine with Eddy Curry and Jeromme James probably put them too low but does anyone expect any serious progress with Isiah Thomas as your coach.
5. Philadelphia 76ers- They suck flat out suck. Need I say anymore

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