Saturday, October 27, 2007

NFL London 2007

Yes I know this is a Golden State Warriors blog. Yes I know this is suppossed to be exclusively focused on the NBA. However occassionally this can be a two sport blog and it just so happens that tommorow features a game that for 1st time in it's history will play a regular season game across the pond. The New York Giants take on the Miami Dolphins in what at first glance looks like a one sided matchup. The Dolphins have been plagued by injuries losing Ronnie Brown to an ACL tear, Zach Thomas to a Whiplash from a Car Accident and Trent Green the former starting QB to a concussion. With all these injuries it's a sad fact of life that this game could be a rout in the Giants favour. However I would like to focus on another angle and thats the NFL's plans for expansion abroad.

For those of you who haven't read the news much the past week there have been all sorts of rumours leading up to the game. The one that jumps out on you is the Superbowl in London. Whilst I'm all for expanding overseas the idea of playing a Superbowl abroad is ludricious. You have to consider the different time zones especially since the West Coast is 8 hours behind us and the game is usually a 6.15 PM kickoff 9.15 A.M is too early a time to host a Party never mind getting drunk. The idea of a London Franchise was also laughable.

Traditionally the NFL has struggled to earn a decent following here until recently. You still had the die hard fans who watched Channel 4's Vicious Boys but up until October 27th 2007 there was never the same passion for the sport that has ignited now. At first the NFL reported there was a 500,000 Ticket application a figure which was obviously incorrect and din't take into account the number of multiple registrations etc. Then when the 1st batch of Tickets went on sale we were told 40,000 Tickets went on sale in 90 minutes. It didn't matter to the NFL that you had been a dolphins fan for 20 something years. Like any good sporting organisation they just wanted the money the nature of the fan didn't matter to them . No point in complaining esecially when we suffered the good old American Bowls

Of course it typically doesn't help that in the Weak leading up to the game many Media outlets and players have treated the UK fans as secondary fans. Witness Channing Cowder and his hilariously downright opinion towards London or Tony Siraggussa a fox commentator who seems to have an idea that British fans won't have any idea what the hells going on.

So the only way to counter these opinions is to MAKE SOME NOISE



Perdictions: Ted Ginn JR returns opening Kickoff for a TD
Cleo Lemon gets knocked out so we can see why John Beck was chosen as the QB of the future.
Tynes the Giants Kicker misses a few easy ones his punnishment for saying this game was a mistake. See the 7th paragraph
It rains
And finally the Giants to win 35-19

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