Friday, October 19, 2007

SG Comparasion after last night

One of the things that hasn't been done this offseason is comparring the play of former Warrior J-Rich to Bellinelli and Azbuike. So without further adoo here is the boxscores from last night from each player.

JRICH vs Atlanta Hawks

29 minutes
8-18 from the field = 17 total points
1-5 from beyond the arc
0-2 freethrows
1 Rebound
2 assists
3 turnovers
1 steal

Kelenna vs Spurs

38 minutes
7-12 from the field = 17 total points
1-3 from beyond the arc
2-2 freethrows
5 Rebound
0 Assists
1 Turnovers
3 Steals

Belinelli vs Spurs

28 minutes
5-13 from the field = 17 total points
1-6 from behind the arc
6-8 freethrows
3 Rebound
3 Assists
2 Turnovers
2 Steals

I guess what it proves is that the drop off of Jason Richardson isn't proving as bad with Marco putting up okay numbers not far from being a elite NBA SG although not as good as some fans thought in other words at the moment he's in the middle in production values . Kelena will alomost certainly be the starter so this chart is indicating more or less how this position is doing and in this case not as bad as Warrior fans thought

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