Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Golden State Warriors V Utah Jazz Preview: It begins

Well tonights the night. It all begins. After a inspiring 2006-2007 campaign where the Warriors ended their 13 year playoff drought with an inspiring trade and a 16-5 run to end the season and shock the Dallas Mavericks Golden State begins where it left off against the Utah Jazz who are coming off their best season since a trip to the 1998 NBA finals. Of course I already earlier posted about Nelsons weird starting lineup and how odd it was to start Pietrus at the 4 baring his Foul Trouble but maybe this was Nellie's eccentricity at work here. No doubt the toughness of the Jazz squad will work them hard they've got a nice bench with Paul Millsap a 6th man off the bench giving them much more Rebounding and hustle in case Boozer gets in Foul trouble. Al Harrington, Matt Barnes and Marco will be the main offensive firepower and further question will be asked such as will POB get much playing time and will T-Hud and Croshere have much of a role to play in this game.

If you are a neutral then there's more to get excited about then the Lakers-Rockets game (which made Golden State bumped off national TV for that matchup). Both coaches are in complete contrast with Nellieball against a structured Offense. The Jazz as proved against Golden State put up points but Nelsons Offense means Golden State alongside Phoenix will be the top team to watch this year. Just a couple of notes Stephen Jackson will be out because of his well known 7 game suspension and Matt Harpring of the Utah Jazz is a doubt because of his Ankle injury. Other then that I expect the Warriors to come out running and gunning likem it's a Game 7 and to win by 8

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