Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Latrell Sprewell the star

Back in the 90's before the J-Rich era it was actually feasible to find a much more improved version of Jason Richardson in the shape of Latrell Fontaine Sprewel. Believe it or not and I'm sure Baron Davis will break the trend he was the only Warrior to be selected to an All Star Game, be named on the All-NBA First teamband defensive Team and was even named MVP of the famous McDonalds high School game. Things were going so good for Sprewell and the Warriors that he even had enough to feed his Family.

But like Shaq in Los Angeles good thing don't last for long and the infamous choke job with inept coach PJ Carelsimo who told him to put a little more mustard on those passes meant he was literally forced out. The worst part of it was we haven't had an All Star Game representative for literally 13 years. All Star games are pretty much popularity contests but seeing Baron Davis miss out last year was hard to take as he pretty much in some cases put up All Star numbers. However like other NBA stars the one thing Sprewell has been critisced for is once he realised he could score he didn't play Defense nearly as hard enough but I still think he should be remembered especially with these two cool clips. Thanks to tmedny20 and sickdunks for these

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