Thursday, November 1, 2007

POB a unrestricted Free Agent

Apologies for deliberatly flipp flopping over the great Front Office and their contract policies but somethings been bothering me. It's the lack of any action over a backup Centers contract in this case POB's contract. For those of you who don't know Patrick O Bryant was the 9th pick of the 2006 draft and in a lot of ways was a panic pack when Rudy Gay was selected. Having spent 2006 in the NBDL with Bakersfield he started earninng the term Patrick O bust Bryant although some credible Preseason displays have shaken off the tag

Yet the bad pick isn't the point. I can understand the Franchise being reluctant to extend Biedrins or Monta's contracts but POB's is puzzling. Not many teams would decline the option of a 3rd year deal on a $2.4 million contract and mabe this shows that the Front Office can't make any serious deals to Ellis or Biedrins. If the Free Agency period started tommorow the Warriors would have 9 Free Agents.

Baron Davis
Andris Biedrins
Monta Ellis
Matt Barnes
Kelenna Azubuike
Patrick O'Bryant
Mickael Pietrus
Troy Hudson
Austin Croshere

Then agsin it's probably because of Chris Cohan who owes the IRS $160 million in overall Tax money. There's a strong possibility that any other team could offer bigger contracts then the Warriors and that would be it to Monta or Andris. I know there's the factor that POB looked good for preseason and he's young, athletic and long but at this moment in time how many can see him average a double double in a few years. No doubt being Andris backup stepping it up is a prime issue for POB and the question will the Warriors get more out of there investment from this.

The other issue is Brandon Wright. The manangement still haven't clarified whether he's going to be a D-League player, on the 12 man roster or 10-15 minutes a night. The D-League and Bakersfield shouldn't really be an option espeically with Don Neslon being short term this will definitely be his last season coahing before retiring to hawaill because of his massive resume of wins so at this stage of his career seeing Wright play 10-15 minutes rather then being a benchwarmer would be more benefical to his game then the D-League which unlike most NCAA schools doesn't develop talent well. The sooner we make Wright play for a few minutes the better.

More of this in Oakland would be nice

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