Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dallas:120 Golden state:115

The only thing I can say is nothing's going our way. Tonight was a night where not only was Baron sublime 37 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists and everyting he was in May. Apart from that it was one of those nights where another cruel defeat lied in wait.


The main positive note is not only made the Mavs doubt themselves an achievement without your defensive threat Stephen Jackson. It was the same warriors team we saw lost May Nellieball and it was the same Warriors team that couldn't hit Free Throws. A petty 53%.1 from the line isn't going to win any games period. Our new shooting coach Sydney Moncrief has a lot to answer for. It basically mean that a team that loves to shoot from 3 point range have now missed 14 open looks. Thats inexuscable and is another part of the problem why we're we're 0-5. Something is not going right. On the other hand Baron is the main reason I watch the game. Even though I think he's shooting way too much his dominant 37 performance means he owns the Mavs just like the Lakers own us.

Major props to Kelenna who at this rate is a Most improved candidate. Much like Monta Ellis last year he's come out of nowhere with his Defense and scoring. He was domainant on the glass. Keep this up and the J-Rich trade which has divided Warrior fans everywhere might be forgotten.

Overall we're 0-5 the first time we've started this way (even though i don't think we'll approach the ineptness of 1997-1998 where we started out 0-9 However this was an inspiring loss even if our 14 missed Free Throws were a joke. Next we play the boys from motown the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday. If our FT's are not better by then expect Sidney to have some explaining to do

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