Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Golden State V Boston Preview


A tougher task lies ahead. It seems just days ago the celtics were desparing about the fact they missed out on Oden until Mchale lent them a helping hand So far on this road trip the Warriors have beaten a Raptors team that shot 2-20 in the 4th quarter and a Knicks team that were so bad you had to feel soory for their diehard fans. Tonight Golden State faces their toughest game on the road against a Celtics team that only a few days ago suffered their first loss of the season. So can the Dubs pull this out?. Well Boston will be their toughest opponents on the road trip and the warriors will have to execute on all cylinders to pull out an unlikely victory. Beans will be challenged on the boards by K.G and has to do a good job otherwhise the celtics could start running away with this game. It could be tough guarding the Celtics front 3 Jackson can't do it all by himself. On the other hand the Warriors haven proven they are able to finish teams off see Toronto. What the warriors need to do to tonight.

Rebound The Knicks outrebounded us as expected. Tonight however the Celtics will be completely different. Should the warriors stand any chance of preserving their unbeaten road trip record Beans has to get more then a few.

Free Throws It didn't matter against New York the Warriors shot 63% and still blew them out but against the celtics every FT is crucial since the Celtics are giving up the second least PPG.

Tiredness Back to back games are always rough both mentally and physically especially when you're playing an 8-1 team. Should the warriors adopt neellieball or should they play a Halfcourt game. On the other hand transition, up-tempo team like the Warriors will tire the Celtics' starters. The the Celtics don't exactly have depth to make up for that. However we will be missing Al Harrington and Matt Barnes Al for personal so it doesn't look good

K.G explodes for 25-10
Davis puts up 23 points 11 assists
Ray Allen has six 3 pointers
Warriors by 5

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