Friday, November 23, 2007

Golden State V Washington preview


It's funny but coming off a 23 point loss to the Boston three party the Warriors now return to the scene of the worst officiating decision I can remember in a while. Agent Zero took a buzzer beating shot but the ball was still in his hands when the Red light was on yet the officating crew deemed he was fouled by J-Rich. Not only was a technical given on Nellie when the game was over Arenas nailed them both sealing a tough loss for Golden State fans everywhere despite the playoffs more then making up for it.

You be the judge

Now of course after a 6-5 start the Wizards plans have taken a backward step with the news Agent Zero will be out for 3 months because of damages to his left Knee. This is mixed news because in the playoffs last season the Wizards were brushed aside by a Cavs team without Arenas. On the other hand their Front Court is strong enough Antwan Jamison, Caron Butler and Andray Blatche are proving a trio to watch. Blatche himself because of Arenas was limited in his PT but is coming along nicely. Of course the Wizards problems have mainly been defense ranking just below the Warriors and even with their frontcourt trio you can't disguise the Arenas absence and how hard it will be to make a push for a decent Eastern Conference seed.

The Dubs are still without Matt Barnes recovering from his Moms death *Best Wishes*. Hopefully POB will get some playing time as well I really don't uunderstand why hes a bench player. After the glorious display with the clippers knocking down 10 points and 8 Rebounds before fouling out he has seen the grand total 11 minutes in the past 3 games. It's difficult to see why DJ Mbenga is getting his minutes I mean is he really that much better?. The only logical way is to reduce the value of his contract as many teams won't be looking for a Center who's value is worth 3 4 million a year. The front Office knows this hence the DJ signing to make POB's minutes go down. It makes no sense but then again the history of our Front Office unfortunately show very few things do.

Jamison tries to step it up without Arenas and succeeds getting a 51 point game
Kelenna hits 4 3's making up for his ineptness in Boston in the nations capital
Warriors win by 5

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