Thursday, November 8, 2007

Golden State V Dallas Preview


It's funny but this is the exact time of the year I don't want to play the Mavs. An 0-4 start compared to their 3-1 and no Stephen Jackson means I smell the worst. There just isn't anything exciting to look forward to in this matchup apart from the fact we get to see how Barkley can explain how his perdiction went so awry when he said Dallas would win in 5 and called us the midgets. To be honest if the TNT team said Dallas would win tonight I wouldn't fell fussed. Missing Stephen Jackson the Dallas killer while Dallas are missing their warrior killer Josh Howard. The key to this game is Baron Davis. Despite nocthing up 29 points he's taken way too many 3 point shots 12% from three is the main reason we're 0-4. Harrington, Keleena can all have great nights but mainly it's up too how Baron plays. He needs to stop going 1 on 1 and get his teamates involved unless it's down to the lack of movement on Offense. Nellie also could start big why not start Baron-Harrington-Wright-POB-Biedrins to force Avery to adjust but sadly I don't see that happenning.

Just to spice it up a bit here are some quotes by Nowitzki and Avery on the playoff upset last season.

"Obviously, we still have a bitter taste in our mouth," Dirk Nowitzki said. "They ended our season pretty harsh. We understand whatever we do now doesn't take back what happened in May."

and Avery

When a team eliminates you from the playoffs, I sure would hope that your not trying to necessarily send anybody any Christmas gifts,"
Like I keep telling you guys, we're not angry because we lost to the Warriors," he said. "We're angry and we're disappointed because we lost in the first round and didn't have a chance to go back to the Finals."

So with the Sweet taste of that playoff success will the Dubs earn their first win success of the season. My perdictions

Dallas wins by 10
Wright does a great job on Dirk (I have to be optomistic about something)
Barkely will make more silly and funny jokes about the bay neither of them making any sense

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