Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Golden State: 104 Cleveland: 108 This is getting old

Ever feal after four straight games you and your team are waking up to groundhod day endlessy. Thats what is happenning here. It was one of those games where the Warriors were endlessy behind trying to play catchup to a Cavs team that seemed much better prepared then we were. Down by 10 in the first they climbed back to 6 at the end before going down by 7 at the end of the the 2nd quarter but fought back to get it tied at the half even taking a 1 point lead at one point.In the 3rd quarter, they were down 10 with 3:41 to play and ended the quarter up 1 on a big 3 by Monta. The 4th they had the lead for most of the quarter but it seems the Cavs were toying with us and pulled away at the end

After the Jazz opening night debacle the team looked a lot better with the rebounding defeiency only 4 a big step up. Not only was Harringotn playing hot he litterally dunked on any Cavs big man including Le Bron James. What didn't make sense was that Davis ignored the basic principle of any PG if he's hot feed him. Davis himself is slighty regressing shooting 11-28. He had a 29 point game but from going by this game and the clippers game and last night he's not like Deron williams who has the pass first shoot later menatality whick makes him succesful. if Baron adopted this he would be an all star.

The game was also a prime example of why we miss J-Rich badly. J-Rich concidentially after leaving Oak-town is playing some of the best ball of his life in Charlotte Right now, JRich is averaging 25 a game on 51%, plus 56% on 3pts. Right now Pietrus is our best 3 point shooter which is garbage. The difference is I would rather have had J-Rich take 28 shots then Baron because he's a much better shooter statitiscally. The trsde exemption is pointless unless we see the value and that hasn't happenned yet.

There's no doubt one of the most spectacular players today is LeBron James. Even after getitng dunked on by baby Al like all great players he responded in true fashio. He appeared unfazed almost angry and threw down 3 blocks. he also responded to a near triple double 24 Points 14 Rebounds 8 assists. He immediately shut down Baron at the end of the game meaning nobody else was able to step up. Neither of our two youngsters POB or brandon Wright didn't play bad POB didn't dunked on which is a nice change.

Our defense as well deserves a bit of critique. not only is this the 4th straight game we conceded 100 points or more some of the coaching decisions were plain bizarre. At the end of the game when Nellie reverted back to a zone it left their most talented 3 point shooter open Daniel gibson who drained a huge one with a minute left. Our guards are defintely talented to guard man to man and I know you have to double team lebron but to leave Gibson open for the 5th time is inexcusable. The rotations were slow enough

With two home games coming up against Dallas and detroit things do not look good on the future front


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