Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golden State V Detroit Pistons our first win?


After an 0-5 start and a long enough break the warriors return to action tonight against the Pistons who have started out strong to a 5-2 record. If anything going by the past and last season the warriors not only swept the Pistons but had two easy wins the first in the Dunleavy era and win no 2 was in March where we started to make our famous playoff push. Now of course things are different but without wishing to jinx I'm strangely confident we can pick up our first victory tonight. The Rebound difference like the previous few games will be mimimal with the Pistons only avergaing 2+ boards over their last few opponenets . The Warriors come nto this game well rested having not played Dallas since Thursday while the Pistons play Portland tommorow on a 5 game back to back West Coast trip. One thing the Warriors have to do tonight to even stand a chance of winning is knock down supposedly the easiest shot in Basketball a Free Throw. We rank fourth-worst in the league in foul shooting at 67 and in the Dallas Game we missed a pathetic 16 for 30. It appears Sidney Moncrief our new shooting coach hasn't done a lot to change the FT's from last year

Another reason I think we get our first W is I gurantee you when Ben Wallace was around literallly any time the Pistons played the warriors any play under the basket was limited because of his shotblocking ability. Now thats he's in Chicago the responsibilites of center fall to Rasheed Wallace but with his age there will be an easier time to penetrate meaning Monta or kelenna should pick up a few early baskets. Inside Biedrins like he did against the Clippers and Jazz will find it a tougher time guarding Maxwell or Mcdyess even though e has more inches on them but our high paced offense will prove too much for the Motown boys.

Warriors win by 10+
Davis explodes for 25 and 10
Oakland rocks the house like the last Dallas game
Biedrins posts up a double double

More of this which happenned last season would be nice


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