Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy thanksgiving

Happy thanskgiving to all the loyal readers of Irish Warriors. The sad fact is as an american living abroad in Ireland I can't celebrate with the same passion and interest Americans do of a terrifc holiday. However watching America's main passion the NFL and Brett Favre has cheered me up away from all the festivities. In all seiousness if you had found an NFL fan who would have told me just 3 years ago after he passed for 29 INT and had the 31st worst passer rating of all the QB'S in the League that he would eventually be leading the Packers to a 10-1 record, breaking Marinos TD record and passing for a stellar 19 TD's 8 int I would have assumed you were on drugs. Yet after watching the Packers convincingly defeat a Lions team struggling to meet Kitnas 10 win perdiction I am convinced they are NFC Contenders . The lack of any Running game may hurt them however.

Favre after his upteenth TD pass

I'm also watching the Cowboys game and even though they are playing an awful Jets team comfortably leading 21-3 in the process I've very much still been impressed with the way Romo has played. Granted the NFC as we all know is significantly weaker then the AFC but based on these two displays there's evidence both the Packers and Cowboys can challenge for the Superbowl.

This really would look good with some Cranberry sauce

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