Monday, November 26, 2007

Golden State V Phoenix Preview


A game between two of the highest scoring teams in the League Suns averaging 108.5PPG Warriors 107.0 PPG respectively. Hardly seems like the best way to come back after a sluggish 5 road trip but thats the way the NBA schedule works. The suns have started red hot (Excuse the pun) 11-2 and their Offense has come a long way since the embarassing drubbing they received at home to the LA Lakers. Going back to the Run TMC days they staggeringly dropped 80 points in a quarter against the Kings. I'm pretty sure they won't do that tonight but with our charming soft Defense there's every chance.

On the other hand Matt Barnes is coming back so our D will hopefully step it up a bunch. Barnes after a breakout year last season has yet to truly his stride but tonight I hope he does get some serious PT. He's the scrappy unheard of player that many fans can identify with. It won;t be easy Nash, Stodemire and Marrion are All Star gurantee. Speaking of which I'm looking forward to Nash against Davis. You have two of the best PG's in the West going at each other and it's only a matter of time before Davis gets voted to New Orleans. People talk about Nash's awful D and while I agree its nowhere near the level of Kidds Davis might not have the breakout scoring game thats easy to perdict.

I'm also looking forward to Jacksons home debut and immediately he's already got a challenge the Matrix. His Defense was a major contributor to our 4 and 1 road trip but Marion plays a very active role in how the Suns function e.g. get the boards, block shots and hit the open 3's. Despite his feeling that he's the most underappreciated member of the Phoenix Suns I've a feeling sooner rather then later he will get a starters position at the All Star game. Of course once Marrion goes off Hill comes on and despite reservations from many fans over his ability to fit into the Suns Offense after a long history with injuries Hill has proven a valuable contributor averaging 15.2 PPG. This is jacksons first real test and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.

Biedrins and Stoudemire the last matchup. I have serious reservations about this one. Biedrins though Rebounding more then he has hasn't domianted Centers as much as I would have liked. The Philly game is a prime example Dalember blocked and got a ton of Offensive Boards. With those long arms and 6-11 height Beans should be getting them . Expect more of the same against Amare tonight because he could go off.

Lastly Warrior and suns games are always close as Basketball reference shows.
L 113-110
L 105-101
L 128-105
W 124-119

See a trend developing. Apart fron one blowout they were all close. I'm just thankful we don't have the DunMurphy sisters to guard Amare and Marrion. Could you imagine how ugly it would get. Without further addo before I make my perdictions here are some moments from last season to get readers of this blog pumped up.



Stoudemire has a 30 and 10 day
Davis posterizes Nash
Jackson and Marrion decides the game
Warriors win a shootout by 6

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