Friday, November 16, 2007

Golden State:122 LA Clippers:105 our first W

The two stars of the game

It's been September since the bay area has seen a first W (Not couning the Sharks) but last night they encontered something beautiful. Witnessing a team that blew a 22 point lead to Detroit there was certanly something motivational in the air as we put up our first W.


There were a lot of positives to take in tonight. Mainly Biedrins. Apart from one solid game he's been slow to adjust to this season but against a Center that made him look inept the last time they played Biedrins posted up a 23 and 18 and an outstanding 5 for 6 from the line. Even when he got in foul trouble POB looked every inch the backup Center he's suppossed to be posting up a very timely 10 points 4 Rebounds and 1 block. It is typical of our management that they didn't give him much more then 2.5 million but thats another blog post for another day. He pumped up the crowd and basically put the game to rest even when the Clippers made a surge to close the game within 2 he made it 9 with his inspired pla It was also good to Al Harrington have another big career day 27 points and looking very good along that Clippers front line of Corey Maguette and Tim Thomas. Without trying to be blunt going 0-7 without Stephen Jackson would have been a prime emabarassment espcially with a road trip coming out. Nelson summarized the Kaman Biedrins rivalry beautifully.

"When I saw [Biedrins] at shootaround, I asked him if Kaman sent a limousine for him," Warriors coach Don Nelson said. "He didn't get it at first. I had to repeat it three times."

The Warriors also controlled the boards having a 9+ Rebounding edge. and shot 78% from the line. Our two weaknessess weren't as bad tonight interestingly perhaps when controlling a game like we did they become better. Also a shoutout to Boom-Dizzle who controlled the game at PG despite playing far too many minutes yet again 40. His Dribble penetration always causes the oppossing PG problems. Monta also had a solid role as a backup PG he never tried to do too much. I thought when Troy Hudson was signed this would be his role but it appears Monta is putting in a legitmate offer to be it. Keleena's hot start has cooled off he was getting killed Defensively but I still think at the moment he is THE replacment for J-rich and is an ideal option off the bench when Jackson comes back. .For all you Dubs fans out there who want to see Baron Davis making an 1st All Star appearance you can vote here. Because goodness knows with all due respect to Steve Nash he deserves it. Make sure to vote J-Rich as well.

With a big East coast Road trip I don't think it;s a stretch to say this is a crucial part of the season. Tradtionally we're mixed when it comes to road trips but with Stephen Jackson coming back I expect the Warriors to make a push. If we play like we did I think we can honestly go 4-1. Nelson just has to stop these silly line up changes. Putting Pietrus at PF isn't going to do much good when you're getting outrebounded but giving Biedrins more minutes is.

Update: Youtube now has highlights of the game.


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