Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Golden State V Sacramento Preview Northern California Bragging rights


It isn't often I have a mixed feelings about a game but with both teams coming off huge wins see the Phoenix game and for Sacramento a terrific win against the current Champions the San Antonio Spurs but it's dificult to look past a Golden state victory tonight. For the first time in a long tim there were actual reports that Golden State in the encounter between these two at the Arco actually outnumbered Kings fans. Interest in this team is starting to wane and it will be interesting to see whether Artest or Bibby will be shipped off to Oakland or cleveland respectively which seems to be the rumour around NBA circles.

From a warriors perpective tonight should be the night where we pick up a W. On paper we're much better. However as evident by last year Golden State lost some silly home games see the Milwaukee Bucks and the Memphis Grizzlies where a staggering 140 points was conceded so with these stupid losses in mind there's always the chance the Kings could repeat. The big question tonight and this will probably sound silly is should the Warriors start small. Every figure says they should but Nellie and his eccentricty means no one will know

Babac19 If tonights game goes anything like this then I'll be over the moon
Update: Can't believe I forgot to post my pregame perdictions

The Kings play man to man and place Artest on Jackson and Miller on Al meaning monta and Baron take it to the middle.
Warriors get a 16 point lead but this quickly backfires.
Kelenna has a ton of steals as dooes Jackson
Warriors win by 5

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