Saturday, November 3, 2007

Golden State: 114 LA Clippers:120

Before the LA Clippers game last night I had the Warriors opening seven game stretch going like this.

vs Utah L
at LAC W
at Utah L
vs Clev W
vs Dallas L
vs Detroit L
vs LAC W

Now that the Clippers have ruined all this the reality is we're 0-2 and dropped a really winnable game on the road. As i said in my previous post it was time Biedrins showed he was capable of earning a Kaman like contract with his defense. Did he?. Not a chance. Kaman exploded for 26 points and 18 Rebounds basically dominating Beans and POB and easing all the minds of Clipper fans who thought he was the second coming of Michael Olowakandi.The rebounding stats also probably helped Kaman once again like the Utah game it was a massive deficit of 56-36 in L.A's favour and 8 offenive Rebounds. Biedrins just looked helpless out there. Even though thhe Biedrins and Kaman battle was brutal at least we can evaluate him just that bit better before giving him that big contract. Biedrins shot well 14 points on 6 for 10 shooting and hit some nice Hookshots as a bonus however

I would go so far as to say it was a close game because of Kelenna. Seriously who says we miss J-Rich now?

Kelenna was just maginficent. Dropping 33 points and 8 boards with a variety of shots Putbacks, Jumpers etc he is well able to create his own shot off the dribble. He really was the only bright part off our offense which shot 47% overall no doubt it really is a streak shooting team. Monta looked confused hesistating his shots odd when you consider the lane was freqently open. Drived to the Hoop a lot. POB was a none fact unforutnately apart from getting a single Rebound he was ignored on Offense a pity. Davis despite posting up a 22 and 11 repectively was completely dominated by Cuttino Mobley and it really was a result of lazy Defense. Marco had a nice contribution hititng a layup and 3 and even though he still doesn't look quite ready for the NBA rigours he looked smooth.

At times it felt like watching this all over again

Overall it's early but the fact we were outrebounded so heavily by a Clipper team minus Elton Brand is discouraging. When Kaman puts up Shaq like numbers you know somethings wrong there. Apart from Kelenna major props once again and Baron despite bad D having a good day an 0-2 start is not what I anticpated.

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