Sunday, November 4, 2007

Problems after 3 games

The main problems that leap out after 3 games are obvious. Some of them were to be expected some of them not quite. Here is a list of them.

Transition Defense: Obviously being a prime concern if you're a run and gun team the Defense has been abysmal. Ever opponent so far has averaged 110+ PPG and right now it seems we're getting destroyed in the paint. Andris was suppossed to honour his contract year. What has he done? well in the Jazz game facing Carlos Boozer he was destroyed with Boozer averaging 32 and 15. That was understandable. Boozer is an All star calliber Forward. Kaman however the Clippers Center is not and he put down Shaq numbers 26 and 18. This was suppossed to be Biedrins year a year when after he averaged 9 points 9 rebounds he was supossed to take the next step up. It has hapenned just yet although he had a solid game against the Jazz last night with 12 points. The sad fact is POB hasn't yet become the backup center he needs to further develop his game. This is a problem thats not new for the Warriors last season in fact they surrended a 144 one game to the lowly Memphis Grizzlies of all people. Granted defense has never been a strong point of Nelsons coaching but surely it would be a nice problem to fix. Sadly the lack of toughness in the point without Stephen Jackson means it could be a while.

Reliance on the 3's: The sad factor is that nine times out of 10 rather then drive to the Basket against Defenders that have a mimimal chance of stopping him Davis pulls up every time.I'm not sure. Monta Ellis who in my view was suppossed to have exactly the same season as he did the last isn't yet doing it as well. His FG Shooting stats over his last few games are as follows 5-14,7-17 and 3 for 10. He has also yet to make a 3 pointer this season.

Monta Ellis where art thou?

The Boards An obvious weakness but dramatically improved in time for the Jazz game. They were only beaten 38-30 in the last Jazz game a minor achievment when you consider when these two first played the Jazz won 56-37. The more you rebound the more you control a game and as expected without Jackson no one on Golden State can do that yet. Against teams like the Cavs or dallas they won't win the boards but they need to find something else to control the game like a Shooting touch.

Overall it's early. We're 0-3 and lost early ground on our division. (The Suns and Lakers are 2-1. I find it disappointing that we've struggled to regain the sense of urgency evident in the playoffs and are just not playing Defense well. If anything it's become clear this team will need more then Jackson to get them back in the right direction . Hopefully things change sooner rather then later although when being continously outworked for boards and loose balls like the Clippers game I wouldn't count on it.

You want to start getting bummed?

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