Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Golden State Warriors V New York Knicks preview


After a ugly win in Torronto the Warriors now start their second game of a 5 game road trip against a Knicks side that believe it have a few things in common with Golden State. Don Nelson served a respectable 34-25 campaign in New York in 995-1996 and even tried to create his brand of ball which didn't go down well with the Franchise far too used to Rileys duller style of play. There was also an interesting sports article written by ESPN's Boston nut Bill Simmons basically pointing out that the Knicks and Warriors have the only two old school fans in the League. The comparrassion ends there however. The Knicks have been blighted by some early problems see the Marburry case but if we're going by Isiah Thomas's coaching decisions it appears the knicks are starting a front Court Of David Lee, Randolph and Eddy Curry. I defientely couldn't see Golden State winning the boards for the 3rd strasight game but none of these big man play Defense well so it balances itself out.

Maybe what the Warriors could do to counter this is play Wright 10-15 minutes/ He's much quicker then the Knicks two post players combined both Curry and randolph and is the only kid I've seen who's certainly looks under 200 pounds (he's listed as 210). He would abuse those two on offense we're talking at least a 14 point 10 rebound game. The Warriors also have to force the Knicks to play the up and down frenetic style of play they like to play. And lastly to conclude Biedrins he played great going up against Andrea and Kaman against the Raps and Clippers respectively. Tonight he'll be going up against a big Knicks frontline that will kill us on the boards once again but Beans should have his way inside as well. should be an interesting game. Apart from the Knicks Frontine we could also do well and avoid the 3 something which Jamal Craford and Nate robinso are good at. Barring the Knicks avoid playing their phyiscal game this more then liley should be a Golden State win

Biedrins posts up his 3rd double double
Starburry even with his troubles has a big day
Wrights athletiscm will outweigh his inexpereince. Today only
Warriors win by 10+

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