Sunday, November 4, 2007

Golden State: 110 Utah:133 The Blowout

The blowout duly like I perdicted happenned yesterday but not in the form I expected. Having totally managed to shut down Boozer the Jazz resorted to an outside Shooting display which was remminscment of the Phoenix suns hitting 12 of 16 from downtown and shooting 63 % from downtown.At time it just seemed they hit every shot they took. Just typical really

This didn't happen as much as I thought it would

I supposse the main possitve point to start from is Al Harrington. One word phenomenal. He's our best low post Defender and he consistently showed how fearless he was going up against Carlos Boozer getting a career high 38 points hitting 6 three pointers and hit 75& shooting from the field. He really bought his A game tonight and hopefully in future matchups such as Pau Gasol, Yao, etc he'll bring the same intensity he dispayed. He played a lot better then Beidrins did who has yet to adjust to the season. Several times he looked lost on Defense and was taken off early. His free Shooting motion has gotten better but other then that there's not the improvement I expected. Likewise what is happenning with Troy Hudson?. I thought this guy was signed to be a legitimate backup PG to T-Hud. He was made inactive for last nights game and so far hasn't looked like the guy that led Minny to the West conference Finals against the Lakers a few years ago. When Baron Davis is struggling such as tonight when he shot 3 for 11 there should be no harm in putting Hudson in. Sadly he was ignored by the coaching staff a puzzling call.

Home to some of the worst fans in the League is it any wonder the Warriors can't cut it here

The pitiful Defense is also showing. Surrending an average 118.5 points per game is utter garbage and agt times it's almost like it's rookie mode on NBA2K. It really needs to tighten up big time for the visits of Dallas and Cleveland. Even when Stephen Jackson returns it's not a 100% gurantee he helps our defensive problems or our Rebounding defencies. On the other hand after the LA show Kelenna is proving maybe the D-League is worth something. He's playing great showing a lot of hustle even in garbage time and hopefully the intensity he's showing can be kept for even bigger games especially the Dallas game coming up.

One annoyance worth getting off my chest has to be Davis. Even though he had a bad night he consistently passed off a drive to the Basket or dishing and kept shooting. Unforutnately thats not going to cut it which obviously showed against the Clippers every time the lane was open he shot way too much from outside. Against guys like Ruben Patterson, Tim Thomas he should be driving to the lane at will. He's a slow starter but at this stage without our main offensive threat he's gotta step it up a little hopefully starting against the Cavs.

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More of this every time would be nice

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