Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warriors waive Lasme sign Mbenga

Here's DJ

There are some news that make you puzzled or just don't make any sense. Todays news fit into the category with the latest being Golden State have decided to release Stephen Lasme the second round pick of last years draft and sign Mbenga a 6*8 Center as a replacement. Mbenga spent three seasons with the Dallas Mavericks and even though he's a very limited Offensive player the only logic I can use for the pickup is he adds height to get the Boards. He has hardly played the last couple of seasons so really Nellie and our coahing staff must have thought Lasme played terrible to merit a Rosster Spot otherwhise going by Preason he certainly had the Blocking Abilities, Rebounding threat and athletiscm to make the team. Of course he had downsides he was limited offensively and was old for a 2nd round pick (25) but surely he has more potential then Mbenga. I for one hope he doesn't turn into another Chris Taft

Now for our latest pickup the numbers really are lows. He's had 1.3 PPG and .9 RPG and shooting a low 47.8% for a Center. With POB as a backup Center and Lasme was primarly a Forward why the Dubs felt the need to take him on is puzzling and even more weird now is the whole Kosta situation. The Contract extension we gave to him in the offseason appears to be meaningless. Another puzzling move by a Front Office that never ceases to amaze

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