Saturday, November 24, 2007

Golden State V Philadelphia preview


The toughest time of any 5 game road trip is back to back games. We've already found out against Boston just how tough but thankfully tonights opponents the 76ers are a step down from the Celtics. The Sixers are statisically the 4th worst team in the League tonight so I would expect our Defense for the second straight game to ship less then 100 points but the words surely and the Warriors never go together that often. Even after a dismal 0-6 start am i starting to feel much more confident. It's become plainly more obvious how important Stephen Jackson really is to this team. Everyone seems to goes back to their natural position and natural minute rotations making the offensive rum more smoothly. It also helped he's completely brought into Nellie's offensive philosophy even though he won a ring with the Spurs a system which allows anyone at anytime to become a floor leader.

Even though it won't be easy right after the Wizards slugfest last night all fingers point to a win. Right?

After last night Harrington has a 20 point game
David one again leads all scorers
POB and Wright get a faair amount of PT
Warriors win by 10

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