Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Golden State:103 Sacramento:96

This was one of these trip up games where any loss coming off that Suns victory would be ruled as a dissapointment. Tonight the Warriors almost had it coming to them because they were forced to play the Kings style rather thenRun and Gun. Credit some of that to Reggie Theus if you will?


What a defensive effort. Seriously you can blame the Kings shooting 2 for 20 in the 4th on their own inpeptness or some great Warriors D. I'm going with the latter. Every time Artest or Martin took a shot it seemed Jackson or Matt Barnes was in their face. What an effort by our Barnes hustling and chasing for every loose ball. Don't let his 6 points in the boxscore full you tonight Barnes came to play and he was really the main cause for our Defense. And free throws well this is the only game out of 14 so far I can remember we shot the ball stellar 21-26 from the line. It seemed our two weaknesses were worked upon and improved which has to be encouraging as we now lie in 8th place.

Stephen Jackson well there's not much more I can say. Even on a night where the team were shooting poorly overall he makes two huge 3 point shots right at the end to give us the W and before all this he receives a technical. The Jackson of the Auburn Hills brawl would have lost it and probably been suspended but Jackson just ignored and never lost his cool. Is it really true appointing him as team captain has matured him a little. It would be nice to think so. Also props to Andris whose long arms proved a nuance for the Kings on the boards. He came to play tonight posting up a solid 13 and 13 and seems to have a knack for grabbing the more solid boards.

A more then solid win and after an 0-6 start ther's no way I'd thought we'd be 7-7. However we now welcome the Rockets in a few days and based upon we're playing this team won't be scarred of anyone.

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