Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Fandom of the Warriors

For those regular readers of this blog you're probably wondering where my support started for the Dubs. It is indeed perculiar how there can be a Warriors fan in a country that has traditionally always jumped on the brandwagon e.g. the number of Manchester United fans would outnumber the Galway United fans (local soccer team) fans 6-1. Thats not meant to be any jibe it's just the way Soccer is spread out in fan support but thats another story. Basketball here is equivalent to Soccer in America it has the popularity along the youth but as people get older they start to revert back to the homegrown sports GAA,Soccer or Rugby.

I guess my fan support started around 2002. Back then American Sports was totally off my radar Soccer being the prime pastime. However being a owner of the original Playstation and with my brothers purchase of NBA live 01 my interest started going up. It seemed like a much more fast paced, better athletiscm and individualistic sport then Soccer. It seemed like I got a better kick of watching a Kobe to Shaq alleyoop then watching a meaningless Arsenal League cup Game. That isn't to say my soccer support has deceased completely. It remains but not to the same extent. Of course at this time the Lakers were making their run for a 3 peat title but I didn't feel like going for a team that continously won. I felt like rooting for Baseballs version of the loveable losers a team that year in year out never challenged because of poor drafting or just awful players. It also had to be in a desirable location and because I had relatives living in the bay area the choice was made I would become a Warriors fan.> My All Time favourite NBA live Game

In a house full of Lakers fans and because we're based in the Pacific Division it would become a tough couple of years. 2002-2003 for me was a positive. Eric Musselman came in as Head Coach and seemed to have the coaching principles down much more so then Brian winters. Our win total doubled, Murphy was averaging a double double per game and combined with Jamison leading the team in scoring I started believing we would finally end our long playoff streak. After the Lakers were to clinch their 3rd championship in a row I had to believe I made the right choice right.

2003-20004 was as far I'm concerned the worst year I've expereinced. I don't get how any coach could progress a team so fast and regress just as quickly. Yes the constant injuries and Musselmans frequent disputes with management were a let down but when you go a fantastic 27-14 at home you really should do better on the road a miseerable 10-31. Musselman turned out to be one of the better coaches in the dirty dozen era despite a hopeless tenure with the Kings.

Like far too many Franchises the mistake of briniging in succesful College Coach hampered the team Mike montgomery the latest victim. He didn't seem to have any clue how to adapt to the NBA game. It wasn't all doom and gloom however. Despite the constant Warriors suck jokes being made around me Golden state finished 2004-2005 14-4 record and I started thinking Golden state would do it. I was typically caught up on the hype. But you couldn't really blame me when it seemed every San Francisco or bay area media source was caught up on the hype. Duds like Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis were exported to New Orleans and the gone Fishing cards which TNT used as a reference to the Warriors would be gone. I had to wait a full two years but as they say the rest was history.

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