Sunday, November 18, 2007

Golden State 106: Torronto 100 Welcome back S-Jax

It didnt matter how ugly the win was or how badly Baron played the Warriors have their second win on the trot to begin a long East Coast road trip. Not returning until the 25th of November just missing thanksgiving it was literally essential Golden State got a victory tonight which they duly did. One stat to throw at youWarriors dominated the points in the paint this morning (54 to the Raps' 36), but were dominated in transition with only 6 fast break points to the Raptors' 13. The complete oppossite of what we do offensively but still a win


It wasn't a pretty game and I better get some slight fustrations off my chest. First off TJ Ford. I doubt there's a single team in the NBA that allows him to go off like he did today mostly because of Baron Davis. Davis was strangly subdued his shot seemed lazy and his defense best be unsaid. Ford got a 29 point game because of this and I think it's fair to say in the Knicks game he will be a lot more pumped up when facing Marburry. He had a respetable 16 points and 8 rebounds but we've seen better days from our future all Star PG.

And what about Biedrins. No one on the Raptors team put a single body on him and he punnished Kapono with a 15 and 14 game. Second decent performance from Beans he's rebounding slightly better a big reason why we won the battle of the boards for the 2nd straight game. he domianted in the 1st quarter putting up hooks and dunking looking like the legitmate Center we hoped to be. Hard to believe but back in the 2004 draft there were a section of fans who were against this pick and even last year there were one or two fans who were calling for his head. Wonder where they are now?.

Of course I can;t go by without mentioning the Italiam battle between Marco and Bargnani. Just like the Yi-Yao battle earlier on this season Andrea easily won the battle 12 points 3 rebounds in 19 minutes while Marcos' stats were a depressing 0 points (0 -2 FG), 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals, and 0 blocks in a shade under 4 minutes of play. Sadly one meaningless summer league 37 point performance is the only highlight so far of his career. Hopefully in this long season Nellie can find a future role for him. Because right now it just ain;t happenning. In complete contrast lot of the credit for this victory goes to Jackson. You wouldn't know he hadn't played since the Preseason such was the fact he seemed to be in good shape. He did a great job on Chris Bosh limiting him to 4-11 from the field and looking every inch the leader he was in last years playoffs. It was good to see him back. Props go to Kelenna for making that big 3 with five minutes left in the 4th and getting a tidy 16 points . I honestly think he's the type of kid that can be a just as good if not better replacement then J-Rich. He's only been killed defensively in one game but apart from that he looks every inch J-Rich the second coming. I certianly hope that from an Irish perspective the young Brit excels in the way his fellow countryman Luol Deng has. One last stat worth mentioning the raptors were 2-20 in the 4th quarter from long distance. It was a complete metdow by the Raps but who's complaining

Anyhoo with the late hour and trying to get away from watching the Niners sink to an extremely depressing loss to the Rams notshwoing the Football toughness the Warriors had I'd though g I'd play the one and only extremely old school song used to celebrate a victory. Heck with the Niners going to lose and the Raiders losing to the Vikes the bay area needs some uplifing moments now and then. So here we go


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