Sunday, November 18, 2007

Golden State V Toronto preview


Golden State starts their 5 game road trip today in the beautiful City of Toronto to take on a Raptors team that just like last year have started slowly. They can be encouraged by the fact Golden State hasn't won a game away from home yet. Despite loving my Warriors I'm conflicted whether to watch Week 11 in the NFL or watch Stephen Jackson make his return. Hopefully he can play 48 minutes or at least long periods of the game because he is the most rested and prepared player on our team. The average number of points we're giving up is 118.2. At a estimate when he comes back the average number of points we'd give up would be 106.5. He makes a bigger difference on the defensive end. The SF Gate recently did a piece on the Warriors needing Captain jack and I couldn't agree with it more.

Our Defense and I hope they do this it would be nice if the Raptors were held to under 100 points. It's not out of the equation with Jackson back that the warriors can tighten up defensively specially on NFL day where toughness is required to survive. Lets hope the Dubs show some of that this evening. And lastly lets get a W. I would be delighted going 4-1, pleased with 3-2, not too bad 2-3, while 1-4 or the dreaded 0-5 don't bear thinking about.

Warriors win by 5
Biedrins with a double double
Kapono gets 18
Chris Bosh gets 18 and 10

Here is what the Raptors view of todays game is

They are blessed with awesome talent. They don't play D and get punished for it. I've seen a couple of their games this year and they run, run and run. If we don't get back after EVERY shot... both missed and made... they'll run us out of the building. Davis will look to post up TJ when they are forced to set up more that most other PGs will. Force him to shoot from outside... only 24% from 3 so far. Harrington is a great scorer, Ellis looks to drive every time, Azubuike is a great surprise for them at 17 ppg and 13 ppg from Beidrins is nuts. Everyone had boners for Belinelli this summer... except for Nellie. He hasn't gotten much playing time yet. Don't let their 1 - 6 record fool you... had we played those same teams... we'd likely be the same. If we don't shoot well they'll kill us. Much better than people think they are. If we were away, I'd say loss. Because the Raps are at home, it'll be close. If I were to bet... loss this time. Prove me wrong Raps!!!!!
Raptors Blog

Lets prove these guys right and just win baby.

Update: Barnes won't be able to make the trip according to this article because of his mom suffering cancer. Best wishes from this blog go to her in her survival bid. On ther other hand it seems we'll never have a full roster together


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