Friday, November 16, 2007

Golden state V LA Clippers Preview


Coming off a very disappointing loss to the Pistons Golden State now has to try and rebound against a Clippers team that pummelled them inside when these two last met in the Staples Center. Kaman posted a Shaq like 26 and 18 and the early W many fans pointed out in this game was quicly gone. These two now met tonight in the roaracle. Since these two last played the Clippers can lay a claim to being the best team in LA at the moment going to a fast 5-2 start. So are the Warriors capable of registering theeir first W to avoid their 2nd worst start since 0-9 back in 1997-1998 season. Despite the missed FT's once gain plagging us and the inability to adjust to Detroits Zone I'm confident the Warriors can pull out a first victory. As seeen in the Detroit game the Pistons were made to look like a Middle School team as Golden State looked like the 16-5 end of season team from last year. The clippers are no where near the Pistons level.

On the other hand this team has created a lower expectation along themselves. Part of Nelsons problem is he may be the second most winningest coach in NBA history and he is responsible for putting the Dallas Mavericks back on the map but his stuborness is costing us a few games. Wright actually didn't look so bad against Detroit 4 Rebounds and a putback Dunk all in 4 minutes yet Nelson didn't give him more PT. In the 4th quarter in that Detroit game with the entire starting Lineup hitting bricks Nelson still seemed to have the belief things would come together when rather this should have been the time to install some new legs especially Marco. How are you suppossed to find how good these Rookies are if you don't play them. His overuse of Baron Davis e.g. the 45 minutes he played against the Pistons means going by B-Diddy's injury record something severe *touch wood* is waiting to happen.

Now that my rant is over my perdictions for tonights game
Biedrins in revenge for Kaman's dismantling of him posts up a 20 and 12 game
Davis plays 25 minutes tonight
Kelenna gets a 20 point game
Warriors come out motivated because of the hurt in the team. They win by 12


Anonymous said...

very gd but ya warriors really need a big man anytime they meet any team with height they get dismantled

Kyle W said...

True Biedrins is our only legitmate big man but in a run and gun team like the dubs there not needed as much. Still if Beans plays like he did last night there's potential