Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golden State V Houston preview


Coming off a very emotional win in Sacramento tonight the Warriors head back to the Oracle to take on the Houston Rockets who much like last nights opponents the Kings came off a terrific win against the Phoenix suns last night. This is a real test to keep our 5 game winning sreak alive. When you think of the Rockets even though their record doesn't indicate it Mcgrady and Yao have the potential to be one of the feared duel in the League they've just never shown it. Despite T-Macs greatness (why did the warriors pass on him) it;s worth noting that in his distinguished soon to be 11 seasons in the League he;s never been past the 1st round of the playoffs. Such a waste of talent. As for the rest of the team they have a buunch of solid role players Shane Battier, Rafer Alston etc. Despite their 9-7 record they have the pieces to contend in the West this year.

Boom Dizzle v Alston
Regarded by many as the greatest Streetball player ever Alston hasn't quite brought that success to the NBA court yet but this has the potential to be an interesting matchup depending on what Nellie wants to use. the rockets are deep at PG whenever Alston is out they can just go to Stevie Franchise as backup so it's not like he's going to have an entire easy day.

S-Jackson V Tracy Mc Grady Can;t wait to see T-mac against Jackson. Jacksons coming off two huge performances against the Suns and Kings and despite shooting the ball mediorcre against the Kings he still made two huge shots and had the crunch D on Artest even with Artests overuse of the elbows. It's not a stretch to say that this matchup will decide the game.

Yao V Al
In the last Rockets Warriors game Al surprisingly dominated Yao in the paint the warriors just kept fronting him the rockets kept throwing him the ball in the paint because he was their only offensive option. Tonight should be different because now with T-Mac Rockets can spread it around on Offense. Yao has earned critisicm in the past for being a Sabonis type of center occassionally a person who should use his height much better. Tonight we'll see if we can do this. Yao put up 33 and 13 against the suns last night so there's always the danger he can repeat it.

Oh and lastly one last bit of information . Over the next two nights we'll be facing two oppossing coaches who coached the Warriors during that horrific playoff drought Adelman of the Rockets and PJ Carelismo of the Sonicis (More about him later). Adelamn when he coached Golden State will be remembered for several harsh moves particulary trading Tim Hardwaway Chris Gatling to Miami for Kevin Willis and Bimbo Cole. Needless to say not only did this not workout but Adelman compilled a 66-98 record in two seasons a prime dissapointment for a coach coming off two NBA finals appearances with Portland and a Western Conference final

- This always get me pumped fredch19

Davis goes for 23 and 10
Al does a stellar job on Yao
Jackson holds T-Mac to only 18
Warriors win by 5

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