Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golden State: 113 Houston:94

Wow 5 straight W's. Not only is this Warrior team surpising people after an 0-6 start they have totally impressed on the Defensive end surrending 100 PPG with Jackson compared to 116 PPG without him. He makes that much of a difference and he really is ice cold.


First off the major player on our d tonight was Al Harrington. He lost a ton of minutes in Nelsons rotation yet tonight he came back with a monster performance against Yao Ming. For some reason Harrington always matches up well against Yao and tonight was no exception. He used his quickness to force him into a ridiculous 5 turnovers and never allowed him to find any sort of rythm. I pointed out in my recap this would be one of the bigger matchups tonight and I think it's safe to say Harrington completely won it wih ease. He also chipped in 7-10 FG, 4-5 3FG and his spacing of the floor also meant there was another part of Yao's offense gone because he couln't use the perimeter effectively.

Hoiw did the other matchups go. Well T-mac against Jackson was the main key. Neither shot the ball particulary well but suffice to say with Ming struggling t-Mac couldn't produce the goods to come up with a masterful performance. Jackson limited him to 5-14 11 points taking away both offensive threats. This was masterful performance on D by Golden State basically out-hustling their opponents, they're challenging shots, forcing turnovers. Also props go to monta Ellis who had a career high 10 Rebounds and seemed like he wanted to get everyone he could. Davis V Alston wnever materialized Alston obliged with 6 points on 3-8 shooting while Davis responded with a 27 point peroformance. And lastly whilst you glance at the boxscore don't let it fool you. Beans didn't get a whole lot of points but he didn't get a lot of shots because of Fastbreaks wand shots attepmpted just 6 compared to Yao who needed 12. It was one of those nights where everyone was focused and brought some defense to the table very good to see as even in the West Defense will get you far (just ask the spurs)

Delighted with this win and being in 8th spot, 1 game above 500 and seeing the Knicks almost beat the team low for points in a game. Nice to see all the starters playing well even though our rotation is stillshort It's been a good night and I'll leave you with Barkely's constant jibing at the Warriors revived.

Charles Barkley: I still don't believe they making the playoffs.

EJ and Kenny Smith: WHAT?!

Charles Barkley: Yup. Don't ask, don't ask

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