Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Golden State:82 Boston: 105

Tonight was plain ugly. How else do you expect to explain how several players such as Baron Davis shooting an abysmal 3-13. Stats like that from your PG are never going to help you win. Much more then B-Diddy was the problem however and I'll get to that in a sec


Positives Like Brandon Wright. Getting his first real does of PT he excelled on the boards grabbing 10 and getting 7.Wright is always on the ball. Grabbing nice rebounds, defending shots, and getting inside points. He never stops hustling. He is exactlky the Forward you want on your team and I hope without an Arenas less Washinton he gets more playing time in that one. In complete contrast to what happenned in Maddisson Square Monta had a breakout game 21 points and even had a couple of steals bu the Celtics were too good not to allow the Warriors have scoring opportunities.

Negatives: The shooting was all wrong. Warriors hitting 29 out of 87 total shots; or a mere third. To put it in perspective, the Celts hit that exact same percentage just from beyond the arc. Major shot problems included Kabuki at 1 for 7, Boom at 3 for 13, The Cap'n at 4 for 15, and (sad to say), Marco hit 1 for 9 and logged some serious minutes tonight but sadly didn't dispel the notion he's a huge work in progress. They also found no rythm and against Garnet, Allen and Pierce you've virtually lost the game. The Cetics have met the hype now can they achieve it?

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