Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Golden State Warriors V Cleveland Cavalliers Game preview:


Coming off an 0-3 start hopefully the Warriors can get back on track tonight against a Cavs team that are slightly depleted themselves with losses to Dallas and Phoenix and a victory against New York. If you thought our Rebounding woes couldn't get worse well tonight the Cavs front Court will consist of Illgauskas and Drew Gooden basically Kaman times two. Both average double boards a game and are avergaing 15 points a game. Oh and off course Lebron. Throw in all these factors and you have a recipe for a 0-4 start. On the bright side after the Jazz game Harringtons production should ensure he gets a start over Pietrus simply because Air France will foul out against Le Bron trying to guard him and Kelenna and his early season form means he should have another high scoring day. Even though Baron's form has been slidly wild going up against Boobie, Eric Snow and Damon Jones he should keep driving because neither of those are up to the level Deron williams was Realistically this should be a win. No disrespect to any Cavs fans but they were the worst team from the East to make it to the NBA Finals Lebron the exception no player was finals worthy.

To stand any chance tonight we need production from Biedrins and Ellis who is in a real shooting slump. Add to the fact he's going against Daniel Boobie Gibson who impressed in the Playoffs and it could be another tough night for agent Zero part 2 (we hope). The 3 point shots also have to fall that includes Matt Barnes who hasn't made any progress in his game going by his early season displays fustrating he's in yet another contract year

Lebron has a career Night
Baron gets a Triple double
Warriors win a close one

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