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The Warriors Hall Of Shame

After our 5 part Hall of Fame now comes a more darker time in golden State History. The Hall of Shame is loitered with Players who were awful draft picks, never lived up to their potential, an inept GM. Rather then split it up into different parts I think it would be best just to post it and get these bunch of wasters out of the way

Todd Fuller

The 1996 NBA Draft is right up there with the 1984 one for the best in history. It's loaded with star talent such as Kobe Bryant Ray Allen etc. Despite this the Warriors decided to take a person who's college GPA was higher then PPG. To understand just how bad a pick this is let me show you the picks before Fuller and after. Fuller averaged 4 points 3 rebouds in his career respectively

Allen Iverson
Marcus Camby
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Stephon Marbury
Ray Allen
Antoine Walker
Lorenzen Wright
Kerry Kittles
Samaki Walker
Erick Dampier

Kobe Bryant
Peja Stojakovic
Steve Nash
Tony Delk
Jermaine O'Neal
Zyndrunas Ilgauskas
Derek Fisher

Todd Fuller

Chris Washburn:

Believe it or not but at one stage Washburn was being compared to a younger version of Karl Malone not in work ethic but in physical appearance. Obviously the dubs never paid closer attention to his college career with missing classes and stealing allegations not affecting his draft standing thanks to Valvano Washburn bcame the 3rd overall pick of the infamous Len Bias draft in 1986. Later the released from drug treatment and allowed to rejoin the Warriors. In 35 games that season, Washburn averaged 3.8 points per game and 2.8 rebounds per game.

In December of 1987, Washburn was traded to Atlanta. He ended his career in 1988, playing only 72 career games, averaging 3.1 points per game and 2.4 rebounds per game
and is wildly considered the bust of all busts .
Chris washburn

Billy Owens:

When you trade an integral part of Run TMC for an unheralded SG things are going to go haywire and thats what happenned. Owens played an unheralded part in Sacramento doing nothing and refusing to play for them (making his trade value zilch and it was the same in Golden state sadly. Injuries being the biggest problem. He averaged 11.7 per game for his career making him a horrible bust- Billy Owens

Joe Smith:

Unlike the others listed at least he's still in the League. His overall numbers aren't bad but the bottom line is the warriors passed on K.G just to have a shot at this guy even though they were treading new waters because previously no other High schollers were selected. Perhaps some overall slack could be cut here but Antonio McDyess, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, K.G, Damon Stoudamire, Kurt Thomas, Brent Barry, Theo Ratliff, Michael Finley, Greg Ostertag and Eric Snow are 11 players that have had more productive careers then joe smith. Why Joe Smith never actually never developed into a player worthy of a no 1 pick we'll never know.
Joe smith

Adonal Foyle

1997 Draft. The scouts and all the Warrior staff are debating whehter to take Foyle or Tracy mcGrady. When PJ makes his choice some of his quotes are quite amusing.

But he believed all along that he would have a choice between Colgate center Adonal Foyle and forward Tracy McGrady, the high school star from Durham, N.C. Given that choice, Carlesimo passed on the raw, talented youth in favor of the player that would fill the greatest of the Warriors' many needs. He went for Foyle, a 250-pounder who's either 6-foot-9 or 6-10, depending on who's measuring him -- and a big-time shot- blocker and rebounder.

He's not with us anymore and the shotblocking and Rebounding we lacked is still needed.

There's a chance that Tracy's going to be a fabulous player,'' Carlesimo said last night. ``But there's a chance Adonal's going to be terrific for us.''

T-Mac is an All Star. Foyle is struggling to get a game in Orlando. Considerable difference.

And they would like for him to be terrific as soon as possible. But considering Foyle rang up huge numbers in a very small-time league (the Patriot) against underwhelming competition, there is lots of room for skepticism about Carlesimo's inaugural pick with the Warriors

How right the San Francisco Chronicle was . In fact during his 8 year career it's fair to say this was the most memorable moment Foyle ever achieved .


It's a good thing the Warriors sucessfully bought out his contract. In fairness the 8th pick of the 98 draft will far more be remembered for his Democracy mattters campaign then the on court things. Which when compared to past and present NBA players thats a good thing

Garry St Jean:

You know you have a problem when you feel Mark Price, Terry Cummings, John Starks, and Mookie Blaylock can help you make it back to the playoffs. Whats sad about his era as a GM was his inability (much like cohan) to dole out the cash. The Arenas deal even though Agent Zero wanted to stay is a classic example in point. The fact that he selcted Jason Richardson means his grade goes up a bit but to this day Warrior fans are still grateful Garry is gone. now if only Cohan can do the same.

Mike Dunleavy

The sad fact is the Warriors ignored Amare stoudamire or even someone a little more productive like drew Gooden just to get Mike. The sad fact was when Mullin in one of his few mistakes as GM dished out a large contract as GM the implications didn't make sense as essentially the warriors were rewarding a mediocre and inconsistent playe. Needless to say Nelson looked to follow Mullins path of blind faith when he said

He'll have his best years for me. He's a natural four, not a three."

"He won't have to worry about guarding smaller guys," Nelson said. "I see him as a unique piece, a point power forward running my team."

Five games in Nelson saw what the fans had seen for years. Not only was consistency or ineptness his issue it also had to do with attitude problems calling the fans pathetic for booing him even though thats exactly what his last full season was. His lack of passion was a killer to some fans which is why this vid is sureal


Whats amazing to spot out is since he was part of the glorious trade Dunleavy's scoring average has gone up to 18 PPG. whether this is because of a new coach (Jim O Brien or new surondings remains to be seen.

So there you go. Comments queries?

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